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Benefits of Millet Health mix powder

Millets are rich in fiber and iron content, the amount of carbohydrates is very high which makes the consumer healthy. Healthsure health mix powder is completely organic and a good diet supplement to lose weight. Newborns can be fed up with a Millet health mix to enhance immunity. Sick persons struggling to eat can gan their strength with health mix as a replacement of low fiber content food.

Millet contains phytonutrients that fight heart diseases.

Why should we include millets in our daily meals?

  • 👉Because Millet contains phytonutrients that fight heart diseases
  • Millets, when compared to wheat and maize, are high on nutrients, gluten-free, and have a low glycemic index of 54-68. Also, the presence of a high amount of dietary fiber, proteins with all essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels.

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Healthsure Multigrain Millet Health Mix: Our quest towards healthy food started in the year 2009 when we decided to include nitrous food in our diet. We are doing homemade health mix readymade flour and drink. We planning to give this kind of food without added any chemicals, fragrances, and colors. Our product is very useful for children as well as adults. It contains organic cereals, grains, millets. It never disappoints buyers. Our Heathsure Multigrain Millet Health Mix sure has certified to be CFTRI [Central Food Technological Research Institute]. And our company is RKVY  [ Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana] grantee . contact us to get health tips and product suggestions. We are happy to do this from India.

Multi Millet Dosa Mix


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Multi Millet Dosa Mix

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