Healthsure Health Mix

Healthsure Multi Millet Health Mix

Healthsure Health Mix

About the health mix product:

 This product contains a variety of grains mix which helps to make it comfortable to prepare and easy to intake the breakfast or noon meal. It is made in India.  It can be intake with or without sugar/salt.  We can add sugar or salt according to our convenience of taste and health.  It also contains tiny millets and full grains which maintains our tummy full and satisfied.  This health mix drink can prefer for pregnant women, children, and adults.  Easy to digest and no added fragrance and color.  The smell of the product is authentic and very pure while consuming.  It takes a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes to prepare.

No chemical is added and no preservatives are added. It is made up of organic grains which give strong and healthy life. This is full of vegetarian products. No added egg and all. It has highly certified by CFTRI [Central Food Technological Research Institute]. It also contains raw sugars which help to maintain the sugar level.


Ragi, Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Barley, Samba Wheat, Corn, Fried Gram, Sago, Ground Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Cardamom.

Benefits of health mix:

  • Our health mix is home made one.
  • It contains Pearl millet, Finger Millet, Sorghum millet, Maize, Wheat, Barley, Groundnut, Sago, Puffed Bengal gram, Cashew nut, Cardamom.
  • We have done with variety of cereals and nuts which helps to promote blood circulation and increase blood level.
  • No added preservatives as well as no added any flavour and fragrance in it.
  • Made by full of organic nuts, millets.
  • It is highly protein and vitamins.
  • Highly recommended for children and adults.
  • It helps to maintain bone strength.
  • We have added enough raw sugar which helps to give more energy for our body.
  • This health mix also helps to reduce weight and diabetes people.

Nutritional facts:

Nutrients                             units        values
Energy                                100g/kcal        400
Carbohydrates                         g/100g        80.2
Protein                                     g/100g        14.7
Fiber                                        g/100g         9.0
Fat                                           g/100g         2.32
Cholesterol                              0mg              0
Healthsure Health Mix
Healthsure Health Mix
Healthsure Health Mix
Healthsure Health Mix

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