Multi Millet Dosa Mix

Multi Millet Dosa Mix

Multi Millet Dosa Mix

About the product:

 It is a mixture of 70% millets and pulses.  It is very comfortable to prepare breakfast and easy to intake.  It takes a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes to prepare.  Highly enriched taste and it gives fulfilment of a healthy meal. It is made in India. No chemical is added. It has made by pure organic cereals and pulses which help to give a healthy body. Ragi is one of the ingredients and it gives more energy, helps to cure tiredness of the body. Red chilli and cumin seeds are added which gives a spicy taste.  No added colour and fragrance. It comes nearly a minimum 6 month due to no added preservatives.


Kodo millet, Little millet, Barnyard millet, Foxtail millet, Ragi, Red gram dhal, Green gram dhal, Red Chilli, Cumin seeds, Idly rice (parboiled), Idly rice raw, Rock Salt, Asafoetida.


  • This mix contains variety of millets.  It is very low in calories and very high in fiber, bioactive compounds and high magnesium.  It also contains minerals and vitamins.
  • This is highly recommended for diet control people especially for effective weightloss. 
  • Help to maintain sugar level and give strengthen bones
  • It also used to easy digest and helps to repair the muscle problem.
  • Maintain blood circulation in proper level
  • No preservatives are added
  • Made by fully organic cereals and millets.

Nutritional facts:

Nutrients                             units        values
Energy                                100g/kcal        365
Carbohydrates                         g/100g        73.2
Protein                                     g/100g        12.7
Fiber                                        g/100g        10.0
Fat                                           g/100g         2.32
Cholesterol                              0mg              0
Multi Millet Dosa Mix Millet Dosa Mix
Multi Millet Dosa Mix
Multi Millet Dosa Mix

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