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We worth the conviction you position in us. We value the trust you place in us. That’s why we are adamant upon the maximum standards for safe transactions and client information solitude. Please understand the following declaration to study concerning our in order meeting and sharing practices.

Note: our privacy policy is to modify at anytime time with no notice. You can agree by visiting this website to connect the terms and conditions of privacy policy.  Please do not use website if you nor agree. This privacy policy is included into and topic to terms of use.

1. Collect personal and other information

If you use our website, we store and gather customer’s personal information that is gave from you on time. Our aim is to give safe and smooth experience.  We are very conscious to safe your personal information of yours and we consider it as a necessary purpose. Commonly you can browse about our website without informing us and you can insist personal information of yours. We have automatic track to certain information depends on your activity of our website. We can use this information for internal research for our users like interests, demographics, and safe and protect and for good understand. This information can include URL which is used to browse information from your computer.  We also utilize device called data collection like cookies in some pages of website which help to analyse about our web page maintenance, effectiveness and to ensure safety and trust. “Cookies” is a small file which is placed on your hard drive which assists us in giving our services.  Some offers also we provide which is available via utilizing the “Cookies”. Cookies help to provide information according to our targets.  If you going to transact with us means, we gather some extra information like credit, billing address, debit card number, card expiration date and other payment details, tracking information, cheques and other orders. We also utilizing you contact number or information to send offers depends on your old orders and based on interests.

2. Uses of profile information, demographic and customer personal data

We utilize your personal data to give the services of your appeal. For extent we utilize your information to advertising you and we can give you the capacity to opt-out of like uses.  To know your purchasing experience, we will use your personal information to enhancing the client experience, troubleshoot problems and other help service like collect money, calculate customer interest of our services and products and also inform about offline and online products, offers, updates and services and also to customize your experience, protect and detect against mistakes, other fraud activity, implement terms and conditions. We will access messages, contact, device data and location with all your permission.

3. Cookies

“Cookies” is a piece of data stored by internet server on an internet browser, so will can read back from browser.  It is useful to enable the browser to remain data specific to provided for user. it can place for both temporary and permanent cookies of customer’s hard drive computer.  It is not hold any personal information. To sharing the personal information without your permission.  We also disclose your personal information into other parties. 

4. Safety Precautions

Our website has followed severe safety and security measures to protect the misuse, loss and alteration of information our control. If you change the access of your information will offer to utilize the safety server. Your information is in our manage and we stick a strict safety guidelines to protecting against unofficial access.

Shipping Policy

What place do you deliver to?
 We have do ship through channel partner and also we cover all areas by our partners.  If in case your delivery location or address is not wrapped by delivery partner means on the whole request we will ship via other alternate channel partners includes additional charges.

How do I follow delivery of my order?

Usually we will do email for tracking the reference number, shipping partner’s name, for customer’s shipment. You can go and check our website of our shipping partner and can track your details of shipment via tracking number.

Do you add additional charge for shipping?
Generally we used to charge for additional shipping.  Recently our shipping charge become standard for across the India, in future this will change at any time.

What is the pattern delivery period?
We used to deliver your products within five to seven working days. Most of the delivery periods will base on the terms and conditions of delivery patterns and also it will differ from destination.

Why is the COD choice not accessible for orders more than ₹2000?
 We have courier partners and they have only limit cash in their hands.  Your orders are might expensive than limit.

Do you accept returns?
We accept returns if any damaged in products while shipping or you may receive any wrong products. You can return it and will proceed for further things.

Do you give refunds?
We will refund the amount are provided when if deliver is not take for particular place.  This may change based season and various factors or out of our control. 

Shall I cancel my order and how?

 Yes, you can cancel your order before it delivered.  If you cancelling the order means have to call to our company with support number or else you can do email.

Return & Cancellation Policy


Health sure teams operated this website.  The whole site the terms like “our”, “we”, and “us” stands to health sure.  Health sure gives this website which includes all data, tools and other services are available for user and it conditioned to you acceptance of conditions, all terms, notices and policies are mentioned here. You have to engage in our “service” and have to bond in the terms and conditions if you visiting or purchasing from our site. Our terms and conditions are applied for all customers or users which include customers, contributors, merchants, vendors and browsers.  Before using our website, you need to read our terms and services.  If you not accept the terms and conditions means, you not access the website of our services. 


By accepting the terms and policies, you characterize by age of majority of your condition of residence have provided your permission to accept your minor things to utilize this site. You not suppose to utilize our products for illegal purpose, utilize of services, infringe of your authority


We formality the exact to reject facility to any person for any cause at any time.You have understand your content that you may be moved for unencrypted and involved like transmissions are over different place and changes are confirm to accept the technical needs of network connecting.  Credit card data is encrypted while transfer through networks. You must agree that not to recreate copy, resell, duplicate, exploit of the service of any contact on website via that the service are given ,without state permission from us.


Our team is not in charge if any information are available on site is not correct, total or present.  The material of this site is given in the basic information and it must not be replied used for the basis of sale to make decisions without the primary consulting and more correct, more finished on timing information sources.  The site may have some historical data.  Historical data or information is not for present and it is given only for your reference.


Without notice or announce we should not change our products price details.  We planned some time to correct the services. We may not to be accountable to any-third party and you for any changes, price modification, discontinuance or suspension of our service.


Some services or products are available in online via website.  Some products and services are very limited amount or quantities and the subjects are easy to exchange or return based on our return policy. We have done few efforts to show the correct and possible images and colours of our products which shown in shop.  We are not guarantee of your monitor display of any wrong colour. We may exercise the correct basis.  Every explanation of materials and pricing of the subject to modify in any time without information.


We have reserve the correct to refuse some order that you book with us.  In our discretion or cancel quantities of purchase a person, per order or per household, some restrictions are includes in the orders which placed the same account of customer, same debit or credit card or orders which utilize the bills and other shipping address.  Some cases we make a modify or changes to cancel the order or we attempt to attempt the notify of contacting the mail or phone number which provided in the time of the order was complete. You accept to provide present, finish and complete purchase and information of all the purchases create by out shop. 


            We should not give you the tools of third-party that we have monitor neither in control not in input. You have to agree the things that we have provide for some tools without warranties, conditions and representations of any types or without endorsement.  Any equipments by you for tools of optional and offered via the site of whole own risk and direction that you must sure that you are famous with and accept these terms and tools are given by the third-party givers.


Comments, feedback and other things are with and without request it will submit us from our creative ideas, proposals, suggestions, actions and other things, materials, online, postal mail and email that you agree in some time, edit, publish, copy, distribute or translate to utilize a medium comments which you forward to us and also we are be under in no obligation is to maintain any comments with confidence, attention to pay the compensation for other comments and to reply for comments.  You must accept that all your comments do not violate of any third-party which includes trademark, copyright, personality, other personal things and privacy. 


Your obedience of private information during the store is governed by our Privacy Policy. You can view our Privacy Policy.


In some cases there may be data or information from our website contains some errors, omissions and inaccuracies which may relate to the pricing, product description, offers, promotions, shipping charges and availability and also we have placed a correct mistakes, omissions or inaccuracies to update or change the data or to cancel the orders if some information forces are related to websites in the accurate with the important note. We have take with no obligation to amend or update the information of services of the related site which includes no limitations, except needed law or pricing the information. 


Other prohibited use for our site is some unwanted contents like any unmeaning purpose, violate federal, rules, law, regulation, infringe, intellectual property rights of others, abuse, harm, insult, harass, disparage, defame, intimidate, slander, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, ethnicity, disability, misleading information, to transmit viruses or may use functionality, service operations, other website, related website, internet, spam like pharm, spider, scrape, phish.  These are the prohibited uses to terminate our services with any related site for violating.


Many of us to practice any provision or rights of terms and services which is not constitute of the correct or provision. Terms and services and other policies are operating the rules by post the site to servicing the whole agreement, understanding between us and you to govern the use of service or contemporaneous the agreements, oral or written, proposals and communications.  


Terms and services are a separate agreement and it we have give services to you and it may be governed by basis on law.


You can post review the most recent models of terms and services of anytime.  We have reserve the correct sole discretion, change, and update or rephrase a part of terms by posting the changes and updates in our sites.  This is your duty to maintain our site changes. We have to continue utilise the access of website of services which is in any other changes of terms and services agreed of some changes.


Questions regarding Terms of Service should be sent to us at  https://www.healthsure.in/


Frequently asked questions

  1. Which locations and cities do you deliver in India?
    1. We are delivering all over India in current time.
  • Can I shop without registering on your site?
    • Yes you can shop without registering with help of our website. If you registered before, you will get fresh customized one.
    • How can I register foods?
      • Visit health sure website and fill your order details and do payment. After this procedure your order will booked.
    • What about privacy of my information?
      • Our aim is also secure of your personal information. We may use for alert offers in our page. Otherwise your personal information will not misuse and tracked by others.
    • What are the benefits of ordering health sure products in internet?
      • Many stores are not at all stocking our products.  We have customized daily. If you can order through online or websites means we can give fresh trustable with good quality product.
    • Do you charge for home delivery?
      • Yes, we providing home delivery and charges are included based on your location.
    • What is the delivery time?
      • Commonly we have taken 5-7 working days. In pandemic period it may delay. We have shipped once you place your order. Deliver is based on the partners and locations.

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