Tradition usage of millets

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Tradition usage of millets

Tradition usage of millets

Tradition of millets

Millet is a common word, but it will use for broad series of cereals that explain seeds from various grass species.  Millets are primarily grown in marginal agricultural areas. Due to low agricultural conditions, many bowls of cereal production levels become low in marked fields.  Millets are consider the first cultivated crops and are used for food ingredients in many countries like Europe, Central, Eastern Asia, China, Africa, India, and Russia from our ancient times.  Most of the millets are growing in India; even it is considered a major significance of food. Millet has a significant source of lipids, starch, vitamins, minerals, and protein. In Africa, most people consume millets to get energy.  Millets are considered important foods in many embryonic countries due to their ability to grow under weather conditions and with no rainfall. Millets also have phosphorus, manganese, magnesium especially have high amounts of minerals present in cereals. Generally, millet contains essential things like amino acids; mainly, it contains sulfur amino acids.  Millets had 7-14% of protein and 1-14% of minerals.  Millets have high fat compare with maize, sorghum, and rice.  Most traditional foods contain millets and enzymes called endogenous, which activate germination, creating microorganisms without adding microorganisms fermentation process initiated spontaneously and controlled via the utilization of particular cultures and starts from fermented materials. Fermented foods manufacture worldwide by utilizing different techniques of raw materials of microorganisms. There are four categories in food systems like alkali, lactic acid, alcoholic, and acetic acid in the fermentation process

 In ancient times, most people worldwide are awakening to millets and intake a diet rich.  For fitness, millets give miraculous goodness and benefits.  Millets are use to boost our health, and they help to improve weight loss. Healthy food eating is a task compare with junk foods all over us. Intake of junk food for an extended period is a danger to our body and our health, for an excellent way to obtain nutritional health of eating habits that is millet.  Millets contain many types, and every having one benefit.  If we enter into the supermarket, we can get millet in anytime or year. The intake of millets is a routine of our daily lives, which is not a new concept.  In reality, the population of southern and central India, most of the people used to consume millets and grains.

In our ancient times, our ancestors are using different varieties of food with the use of millets.  One of the processes is traditional malting processes.

 This process involves many countries and three main categories: soaking the millet, germinating the millet, and drying the millet.  The time and condition of every method are different and high in the variable.

Most of the cereals, especially millet, had high potential.  It is necessary to change processing and materials from traditional methods to modern methods and optimize dispensation state to create excellent products in an affordable range.  Some changes have to occur to encourage local production, reduce materials, processing amount, and decrease product prices.

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