Why Multi Millet Dosa More Superior to Ordinary Dosa

Why Multi Millet Dosa More Superior to Ordinary Dosa

A bowl of cornflakes or oats is the most commonly used breakfast option, but there are days you crave something different. On such days, a delicious and healthy breakfast option is you have a crispy dosa. The South India delicacy is a healthy breakfast option that keeps you full without any unhealthy choices.  

Millet dosa

 Healthsure Millet dosa –gluten-free, vegan, nutritious South Indian breakfast served with sambar and chutney varieties. For a healthy and diabetic-friendly breakfast, the crispy millet dosa without rice is the best opinion. Millets are tiny grass seeds considered gluten-free supernatural food as they are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins that have health benefits. Millets are the best source of a grain of celiac suffers (people with gluten intolerance). 

Ordinary Dosa

Oridinary dosa is fills with a massive amount of carbohydrates which is usually made with rice. Oridinary dosa digest very quickly. Dosas are not just a treat for your taste buds but also a light on your digestive system. The best source of carbohydrates is dosa. It is also a great source of protein, carbohydrates, and low on fat.

Multi Millet Dosa More Superior to Ordinary Dosa

 Healthsure Multi-millet dosa mix is high in dietary fiber, rich in protein, fiber, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and essential minerals need for our body. Millet is a healthier version as it is rich in fiber, a protein which is very crucial and more when compared to rice.

Health Benefits of Healthsure Multi-Millet Dosa Mix

  • Millets are high on nutrients, gluten-free, and have a low glycemic index of (54-68), which helps regulate blood glucose levels.
  • Good for heart
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Battles cancer cells
  • Increase the digestion

Whereas in excess eating of ordinary dosa can cause dangerous side effects such as the destruction of red blood cells by its antibodies, low level of white blood cells, and decreased blood platelets. This sometimes may cause diarrhea from infection with clostridium difficile bacteria.


In this changing unhealthy world, taking a healthy diet remains the most important thing when it comes to health. So including Healthsure Multimillet dosa in your diet promotes many health benefits and makes you feel very healthy and energetic, and also a proper way to start your day.

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